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Longhorn restaurant on Webb gin Snellville Ga .The steaks are terrible our table was dirty. General manger did seem to care and was rude . The waitress kept playing with her phone . Add comment

January 2, 2016 we went to Olive Garden for lunch. We were immediately seated and greeted by our server which was great. It was so cold in there that we sat with our winter coats and scarfs on during the whole meal. Couldn't wait to leave. Other customers were complaining about how cold it was. Didn't do any good. There was a game on the table that we didn't realize if we turned it on there was going to be a charge of $1.99. Discovered... Read more

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Went to Red Lobster Friday July2005. Waiter recommended Alaskan crab legs because you never had to crack them open. He brought the order and said I could have the large order if I wanted more AT AS THE MEDIUM. I never would have had these, I would have had snow crab. After the medium I said I would take him up on his offer for the large , he brought more. I ate them When the bill came, I fell through the roof I said, why am I charged the large... Read more

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We have been going to Olive Garden for years. This time at Olive Garden #1181 on Colonial Drive Orlando, Table 36 at 13:29 on 07/10/2015, Transaction #1921014933 we ordered The Chicken Parm. with Endless Soup and Fries. When The bill came they tried to say that one sandwich was bigger and charged more. We had 2 gift cards one had $3.51, 1 had $25.00 + a $2.00 off. When we got the card back there was only $9.00 out of $30.51. $21.00 is a Rip Off... Read more

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I realize this is opening week...however, I was with the sister company for 15 years and I know what the standards are.!!! We were so disappointed . I truly felt as though we were in a Chili's restaurant!! To begin```the over kill at the front door was ridiculous!! We were lead to our table and dropped off. Told we could order our drinks from the thing on the table. ( This is the most impersonal way to treat a guest, we should have left at that... Read more

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2 time purchased gift card 1@ WAlmart and 1@ Olive Garden. when attempted to use told they were not activated-indicating they were not set up to use...either outright theft or accident HMMM Fortunately I had receipt from Walmart and had used Visa-was able to dispute the charge. Not so lucky from Olive Garden, couldnt find receipt guess I will EAT that one. (lousy pun). interested in others who have same experience. thanx! need more wods... Read more

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I was just hired on. I didn't even get to talk about wages, uniform or anything. He just said to show up for training, so I did. I was not greeted by anyone. And the first thing the manager did was critique my shirt saying it had "too much cotton in it". This is the only white button down I can afford until I get paid (brand new by the way). She sent me home needless to say, and I'm strongly debating quitting before I even start. Read more

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To whom it may concern : Dear Darden Restaurants Corporate and Guest Relatioms Department of Olive Garden There is great excitement blooming in New York City's Borough of Queens where a New Olive Garden will be Opening in about 2 weeks. This location is going to be called ELMHURST,NY. This region of queens is upcoming and slightly touristy and has an international flare to it. I also like to add that me and my friends and some of my family... Read more

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Attention restaurant diners whether you are Black, White , Asian, Indian, Latino or Hispanic Or Jewish please adhere to the following. When you go out to eat and the server/Bartender is polite , friendly , and has a great attitude , is able to fix problems and retrieve the things you need and handles your requests We ask if you leave the minimum of 15% Of the subtotal of the bill as a tip (Gratuity). Quality service in a restaurant is... Read more

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I worked for Darden at red lobster as a dishwasher. The servers are very nasty and management only care about the servers. The dishwasher has to do the servers job plus there job. I recommend anyone to stay far away from red lobster... Add comment

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