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Worst job I ever! I had two promising job offers (one from Harkins theatre, the other from Red Lobster). I desperately needed to earn money for school so I asked both interviewers how many hours they would offer me that summer. Harkins theatre offered overtime (if needed) because theatres are so busy during the summer and Red Lobster promised me they would top anything Harkins would give me. Honestly, they flattered me with that request because it made me feel like a special employee.I was SO excited thatI could earn enough money for college, and perhaps even a car or small vacation! I entered their door promising to work hard and promised them that they would still have me as an employee during the school year.

Unfortunately, I was strongly disenchanted!

My first week ran smoothly! I worked a promising 18 hours and I made friends with several of the employees. Naturally, I loved my job right away. LOVED IT! despite the uncomfortable uniforms and occasional cranky servers, I LOVED IT!

Then, I realized that my schedule shrank before my eyes! I was fine with the fact that my schedule was different every two weeks (a little frustrating since my life revolves around a set calender) but the fact that I kept losing hours was infuriating. I held my breath since I assumed that the slow summer was the cause of this. But no! They continued to hire more people! Still, I was grateful that I had a job. I asked the manager to give me more hours and he replied "everyone else needs hours too"-- so WHY did they hire me if they oouldn't even give me a decent part time job?

I remained painfully quiet, still trying to love my job, and felt relieved when another restaurant hired me since I was eager for more hours. I was literally losing money by working at Red Lobster. The gas to get there and the money spent on uniforms ate into my savings account. Fortunately, I REALLY LOVED my new job, but still felt a sense of loyalty to Red Lobster, so I struggled to work at both jobs, until Red Lobster made a few more mistakes.

First, they scheduled me on Sunday. I had strictly informed them that I observe the Sabbath and I could only work Sundays if in case of emergency (i.e., holiday, fatally ill co-worker). but they could give no explanation for why they scheduled me and still demanded that I show up. I rolled my eyes and found someone to take my place at the last minute. The next time, they scheduled me during SCHOOL! And, of course, they expected ME to find a replacement. I did, but then discovered that the next time I was scheduled wasn't for almost another two weeks! I was outraged and demanded that they give me the hours they promised. They continued to make excuses, so I happily quit. As for tuition, I was grateful for my second job because I didn't even break $900 that summer. Still earning money for a car, but it's difficult because I'm a full time student. I keep to jobs right now and I LOVE them and I'm very grateful for my bosses. I work very hard for them and they appreciate it! I'm hoping that I have better luck this summer. Maybe I'll have an easier time paying for tuition and getting that car!

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I worked for them too but they hazed me. They had 20 live lobsters with there claws all clamped to my d-i-c-k balls and taint. And my ***.


The same thing happened to me at Mercedes Benz. Told me that another girl wasn't working out and wasn't very dependable.

So I took the job. My first week.

Not only did they keep her but let her choose the hours she wanted, which left me with Sat, Sun, and Monday only. Now I have to go through the "Chain of Command".

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