I started to work for Darden at Longhorn Steakhouse early this year. The training was good for serving.

But when it came to running sidework and sidework at the end of the night it was learn as you go. I became a closer and learned the procedure. When a new manager started, Mitch, it was ***. When we were closing we were cleaning the front of house basically in the dark.

Then when all guests were gone he would flip on the lights and say do it over again bc it isn't good enough. Sidework would last for an hour an a half after closing at times. The main problem was that the servers who weren't closing just wouldn't do 100% on their section and refuse to do anything when it's pointed out. This was brought to managers attention and nothing was done.

I asked to become certified trainer and was told I would be in a couple weeks and a couple months passed and nothing happened. I had a family emergency and had to move out of town for a couple months without any notice. So I had my shifts covered and thought I was on good terms with management. When I moved back and wanted to work for them again, they basically told me to call back and talk to the other manager.

And same thing when I would call again. I called three times and they had no interest in having me come back and work for them. It is sad because I always covered shifts and came in on my days off. I always had great reviews by our guests via the GSS.

It was a big disappointment because they said they are like family. But Darden turned their back on me.

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Restaurant employees are a dime a dozen. Harsh, but it's true.


Working for them you should know that you are expendable long hours no respect this company does not care about their employees and they treat the bartenders horribly taking away your chance to make money and making them do all the take outs for under 4.00 an hour but paying a takeout "specialist" 10.00 an hour to do it 2 nights a week I worked for free for 3 years I'm done


If your family emergency was due to an illness then you should have filed for FMLA

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